China Meyers - Inspirational Published Author

China Meyers - Inspirational Published Author Inspirational Published Author

Inspirational Published Author - Public Speaker
Freelance Screenwriter & Radio Show Host

I am an African American woman the last of seven children born & raised in Brooklyn NY. I'm proud to be a three time grandmother mother & a mother of four. I have a great passion for writing words that can change the course of a lost soul. With that comes my firm belief that you can never have enough joy, I try to find it in whatever I do. It gives me great pleasure to say, I'm an inspirational published author, & public speaker with a clear message of hope.

My published works includes several articles & Volume-1 of a seven series novelette book based on my life titled;
"A Letter To God"

This incredible, gripping, tale will have you on the edge of your seat & no doubt leave you wanting more. I go around speaking at schools, churches, been a guest on TV & radio shows spreading inspiration. I live my life now, demonstrating how I feel about there being no victims, only survivors of what has happened to us. I also know in my heart, that with God's help, any hardships in our lives can be overcome.

LOGLINE: China's book entitled "A Letter To God" is a heartfelt gripping adventure based on her life. In her quest to find love & happiness she ends up living on the streets of New York left with sorrow, pain & feelings of abandonment. She begins her journey at age 10, when she's sent off to live in Egypt with an older sister. After years of neglect, she's brought back to Brooklyn to live with her family. By age 12 she wakes up tied & bound in a mental institution, with no idea how she got there. By 15 she becomes a mother & a bodyguard for her drug-dealing brother. China is forced to put her life, faith, & her values aside, just to survive. The years of living this life come to an abrupt halt, when her brother pulls the trigger of a double-barrel shotgun. Fleeing New York with nowhere to go, she then encounters obstacles far worse than the days of drug running & living destitute on the streets.

China Meyers is a moralist writer, with a clear message of hope. Her mission is to let her readers know that, with Gods help, anything is possible. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, GOD will see you-through-it-all!

"A Letter To God" is Volume-1 of 7-series. You can find this Volume-1 inspirational series novelette/book on Barnes & Noble, KOBO, SmashWords, & Amazon. Amazon also has it in EBook & paperback.
"A Letter To God: - Kindle edition by China Meyers - Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

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